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2 Dates Through Apr 30, 2016

FLESHFIRE is a multimedia performance piece based on the newly revised and augmented text of the widely acclaimed love poetry of Lili Bita, which has been published in book form in its third edition by Somerset Hall Press of Massachusetts.  The performance includes selected poems accompanied by music, dance, and choreographed movements. This mix of genres will express the myriad experiences of love and Eros available to adults of all ages, affinities, and gender identities. 


Lili Bita: readings
Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod: readings and movement
Barbara McPherson: hand percussion
Michael Romano: dulcimer
Lori Walsh: stage management
Directed for the stage by Ruchama Bilenky (
Work from the book FLESHFIRE written by Lili Bita and translated by writer and Drexel University professor Robert Zaller. 

Both performances are at 8pm and run approximately 75 minutes.
A talkback with the director and cast will take place after each performance.

The ancient Greeks conceived of Eros as the most vital, creative, and liberating force in human affairs, the source of energy, fertility, enrichment, and joy.  They conceived it as a great force for good, but also as a power to be treated with attention, respect, and ceremonial worship.  We have, in our fragmented society, few opportunities to celebrate this great power and to attune ourselves to its enormous creative possibilities for personal enrichment and social community.  

Lili Bita remarks, “I have tried throughout my career as a writer and performer to bring Eros to life around me and to create the ground for it in others at any age or time of life. FLESHFIRE, more than anything else I have done, expresses this goal.” . 

Greek-born Lili Bita is one of the few classically trained actresses now resident in America. A native of the island of Zante, she graduated both from the Greek Conservatory of Music and the Athens School of Drama, and holds an M.A. in Drama from the University of Miami. After a notable career in Greece performing classical and contemporary roles for leading directors, she settled in the United States. In this country she has appeared widely on stage, television and radio, and held appointments at several universities. She tours extensively with her one woman shows,"The Greek Woman Through the Ages"," Body Light" and "Freedom or Death."

Lili Bita has published ten books and chapbooks of poetry, two books of short fiction, a novella, two volumes of translation, and several plays. Her work has been translated into English, French, Spanish, German, and Bengali.

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This show is recommended for mature audiences only. 


For mature audiences.

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